Water Purifiers – Cancer and the Case Against Chlorine

Water purification through chlorine disinfection began in the United States in the late 1800s. It is only considered a water purifier because it kills some microscopic bacteria and other living organisms, while preventing the growth of algae.

Home water purifiers have come a long way in the last hundred years. Public systems haven’t changed all that much.

Yes, there is new water purification technology. There have been leaps forward and steps back.
Treatment plants may use as many as 14 different steps to clean up what we have put in our environment. But, a home water purifier is still an absolute necessity.

Water purifiers that remove chlorine and chlorine by-products are some of the most technologically advanced systems that we have available. They truly belong in every home that is serviced by a public water purification process that includes a chemical disinfection step. That covers the majority of homes in America.

There are many respected physicians who believe that the huge increase in cancer and heart disease since 1900 is directly related to the use of chlorine as a water purifier. The risk of cancer has gone from 1 in 50 to 1 in 3. For men, it’s even worse. One out of two will develop some type of cancer in their lifetime.

Water purifiers that remove chemical contaminants can reduce the risk. Water purification at the home level should be listed as a cancer preventative.

You take your antioxidants. You avoid overexposure to the sun. costo de una purificadora de agua You avoid known carcinogens whenever possible. But, without a water purifier in the house, you expose yourself to hundreds, maybe even thousands of cancer causing chemicals every time that you turn on a faucet.

According to the Ralph Nader Research Institute, there are 2100 different toxic chemicals in groundwater, reservoirs and flowing through the taps of every home in America. The EPA limits the amount that can be present before the public water purification facilities can store it for human consumption, but the tests are faulty and can be misreported.

No one knows what effect these toxic chemicals can have when a human being is exposed to them constantly throughout the course of his or her lifetime.

The EPA is only concerned about immediate, not long-term health risks. It is up to the individual homeowner to think of the long term. But, if the homeowner installs the right water purifiers, then there is no need to worry. All you have to do is remember to replace your water purifier filters.

One company has even taken care of that for you. If you buy from them and sign up for their water-for-life program, your replacement cartridges are shipped straight to your door, right on schedule. How could it be any simpler?

It is amazing to me that people will still cook with and drink straight from the tap. Water purifiers are relatively inexpensive and the best ones are highly effective.
Why would you take the risk when water purification can be accomplished so easily right in your own kitchen?

Now is the time for you take action on what you have learned here and start comparing water purifiers so that you can make the best choice for you and your family.


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