Television Production – New Producers, Lesson Nine

The Rainbow of Community Access

If you came in expecting to see people in business suits that all look alike, you are in for a huge surprise. Ego and inflated egos, normal and natural human beings, domestic violence specialists, business professionals, Reverends, Pastors, gospel singers, muckrakers, animal-rights activists, and want to-be porn stars, plumbers, students, teachers, artists and musicians — these are just some of the personality types that you might see or meet inside the walls of community access television. Everyone will look different (though a few will look and act like clones) and their productions or attitudes about television will be just as different. There are cyclists, politicians, business-owners, and unicycle riders under the umbrella of community access television.

Characteristics of Community Access Television Producers:

There is one thing that is universal about all of them, they all need to help on four shows a year to remain certified; and there are other details of certification and keeping certification for the serious candidates or producers. Something else you might experience or see on the community access level is that most are trying to achieve success in television, while others are studying and still others are just doing shows for their employers or sponsors. uktv play activate Inside, behind the walls of community access television you will see these also:

Some are extremely helpful and respectful.
There are genuine warm-hearted individuals and there are angry two-faced individuals.
Some producers who hate each other (You can tell by the way they speak about other producers). Seriously, if that surprises you, realize that the same human beings that you meet on the subway, and on the busses and the same human beings that you meet in costco or in the supermarkets, generally, are the very same human beings that you might meet –as producers of community access television.

Some producers form their own cliques.
Some producers expect help from you but do not volunteer to help you; that is the one-way volunteer problem.
Some producers who are extremely professional.
Some producers are respectful while others are downright and upright rude.
Some are polite and others are very bossy and controlling personalities.
They are like snowflakes, no two producers are alike in every way.
Work With Professionals:

If you are fortunate, you will work with the professional polite ones. And if you are unfortunate, you will work with the uncaring ones and learn your lessons the hard way. The best thing for you to do is focus on perfecting your art, and do not pay attention to the childish individuals whom you meet. Time will tell and time will show you what is real and what is not real, what is good for you and your productions and what is bad for you and your productions.

What is the good news then? The good news is that you will meet some very smart people, and some warm-hearted individuals if you stay long enough in community access television. So many of the producers at community access stations and studios are wonderful, professional people and if you stay around long enough you will meet them all and soon learn where the great producers are.

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